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Airtext Firmware: 03222317
LT/LT+ Firmware:  07202110

Kerry Lynch from Aviation International News featured the launch of Airtext+ with this large article in the famous aviation trade publication AINonline and NBAA Convention News:

newspaper article with headline and lots of copy, says: Airtext nickel messages are a passenger favorite (headline)
This feature article appeared in the NBAA Convention News by AINonline

Download the article here from NBAA 2017 or see it on their website here:

Airtext Takes Off With New Capabilities, Customers

by Kerry Lynch – September 22, 2017

The Airtext+ system, which enables passengers to send and receive text messages while in flight anywhere in the world for five cents apiece, has been enhanced with a new “Big Data” capability to facilitate high-speed transmission of data-intensive images and crew access to Digital Automatic Terminal Information Service (D-ATIS). With Big Data, the system can be internally switched to a high-speed datalink to enable passengers and crew to send and receive documents and pictures. Pilots can also request D-ATIS information.

“These enhancements to our services are just the latest in the ongoing evolution of customer-requested communication capabilities that we offer at extraordinary savings,” said Send Solutions CEO David Gray.

Airtext began by offering a simple Iridium-based text-messaging capability that could accommodate up to 16 simultaneous users, Gray noted. Introduced in 2014, Airtext is designed as a lightweight (1.2 pounds), low-cost satcom system that can accommodate a range of aircraft, including smaller types. The system connects iOS and Android personal devices to the Iridium satellite network.

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man holding a black avionics electronics box which is the Airtext+ hardware unit
The Airtext+ allows affordable worldwide in-flight text messaging on your private jet or other private plane.

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