Avionics News September 2021 features Airtext

Avionics News, a leading industry publication, featured Airtext in the September 2021 edition. Avionics News is published by the Aircraft Electronics Association. Airtext is proud to be an AEA member that does so much for our industry. “New in 2021 are bulkhead-mounted moving map solutions. Designed for aircraft like Cessna’s Citation 560 and CitationJet 2+ […]

AIN Solutions In Business Aviation 2021 features Airtext

Aviation International News, a leading industry publication, featured Airtext in the 2021 edition of Solutions In Business Aviation. “We have a number of ‘raving fans,’” Gray said. “One of our customers said, ‘Airtext provides 90 percent of your competition’s services at 10 percent of the price.’ We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.” Read the […]

AIN features Land-DAR Audio Callout System

Aviation International News, a leading industry publication, featured Land-DAR in a recent article. “Send Solutions has developed a new laser-based system that can help pilots make better landings more consistently. Called Land-DAR, the device uses lidar (light detection and ranging) to determine height above ground and provide precise audio callouts from 500 to five feet.” […]

Airtext Featured November 2020 Avionics News

Avionics News, a monthly publication from the Aircraft Electronics Association, featured Airtext in their November 2020 issue. “Airtext promises to solve the problem of staying connected electronically to business, friends, and family in a package flexible enough to fit in smaller general aviation aircraft – but without the high cost of a traditional internet option. And […]

Now Hiring: Sales Representative with CFII

Are you looking at an uncertain future in aviation? Keep your hands on the controls but get away from the furlough frustration with the airline industry. Join a fast-paced, entrepreneurial environment in the aviation industry. Sell innovative, high-tech products to private jet owners. Duties and Responsibilities Prospect for new customers. Directly grow sales. Support dealer […]

Pilots, Planes & Passengers

Recently at an NBAA press conference I was presenting on how Airtext has helped flight department’s manage their 3 most important assets: Pilots, Planes and Passengers. Often we talk about the aircraft as the most recognizable and challenging asset.  I suggest, today, that pilots are our most critical asset.  We are quickly becoming an industry […]

Pilatus PC-12 & All King Air’s on AML-STC

We are proud to announce that 3S​ ​Engineering​ has completed ​Part​ ​23​ ​AML-STC​ ​for​ ​Send​ ​Solutions’​ ​Airtext​​ ​ ​and Airtext+​ ​Systems.

WiFi Gotcha!

The stories are many, here is a recent one.  A friend that fly’s a one year old G-280 was airborne last month and the aircraft owner was not happy with the internet speed from their pricey new technology. The WiFi manufacturer we will call “GG”.  A phone call to “GG” while airborne was made to […]