Fleet tracking, pilot messaging

Airtext Firmware: 03222317
LT/LT+ Firmware:  07202110

FleetText is an aviation communication platform which allows you to message pilots or passengers connected to an Airtext router aboard the aircraft. Send messages from a group of ground users or as an individual; all members of your dispatch crew will remain up to date. Send messages to all pilots onboard or to any individual passenger. Receive and view important events (such as ETA updates) directly in a conversation. Track your organization’s aircraft in real time on the integrated map.

"A 5¢ message can save you thousands in jet fuel!"

FleetText is an application that works in conjunction with existing Airtext hardware onboard the aircraft to provide messaging, tracking and monitoring of your assets. In the aircraft users will continue to use the Airtext App. Ground users will start using the Fleet Text application for messaging.

FleetText Application

Messages can be sent directly to an individual in the air by selecting them as the recipient. No matter which aircraft they are on, that message will always be delivered to the individual. When messaging a pilot group, it will always be assigned to a specific tail number. 

In order to enable FleetText on the Pilot devices, got the the Airtext App (Version 3.38 or later is required). 

More > Advanced Settings > This Device >  Enable FleetText [Toggle on]

Messages are received on the aircraft through the Airtext Application . The conversation title will be synced when the user is connected on the ground.

Within the FleetText conversations on the aircraft, the senders names will be shortened to just their first and last initial. These are measures taken to limit the cost of data being sent to and from the aircraft.



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Airtext hardware is PMA approved with multiple STC’s available.

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