Fleet tracking, pilot messaging

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Recently at an NBAA press conference I was presenting on how Airtext has helped flight department’s manage their 3 most important assets: Pilots, Planes and Passengers.

Often we talk about the aircraft as the most recognizable and challenging asset.  I suggest, today, that pilots are our most critical asset.  We are quickly becoming an industry of more airplanes than qualified pilots.  Managing and nurturing pilots is key to our success.

“Airtext Reduces Stress”

Lyle Byrum, CEO and Founder of ATI Jets, mentioned how Airtext reduces stress for the flight crew as well as dispatch and owners by being able to address issues as they arise, rather than hours later when a challenge becomes a crunch point.  He had three recent examples:

Computer Glitch

First a computer glitch on the airplane that would become a ground maintenance event when they landed in a few hours.  The crew was able use Airtext and communicate with MX to reset the computer in-flight without instance.

Hurricane Irma

Second, during hurricane Irma in Florida, two airplanes were enroute for pick-ups to an airport where they found out there was not enough fuel available to return safely.  With Airtext, dispatch was able to find and re-route to a suitable refueling FBO so the planes could tanker enough fuel to get in and out before the destination airport closed.  If the airplanes had not been able to depart Florida, they certainly would have been damaged by the storm.

Pilot Scheduling

And third, one day a quick trip came up that dispatch needed to schedule a pilot to work on a Saturday.  Using Airtext, they reached out to the pilot while he was flying to see if he could be available.  The pilot was able to coordinate with his family (again using Airtext) and then confirm with dispatch his availability.


Airtext is a low-cost solution to managing your most important assets.  For more information, please visit  www.goairtext.com, or call John Talmadge, VP of Sales, 772-205-8584.