Fleet tracking, pilot messaging

Airtext Firmware: 03222317
LT/LT+ Firmware:  07202110


The Message Annunciator is a 3” E-PAPER display used to inform the pilot that there is a message waiting for someone in the plane. Once the Airtext app is opened and the message is reviewed, the annunciation will be cleared.

  • Six Months Battery Life (replaceable AAA)
  • Bluetooth Low Energy Connection
  • Loose equipment that can be easily mounted with Velcro®
  • 4” (W) x 2.25” (H) x .5” (D)


The Message Annunciator can also be used with the Airtext Customer Portal and Fleetlink. A message can be sent from the ground notifying the pilot to open the Airtext app for communication. The unit can be customized to display the Aircraft tail number.