Fleet tracking, pilot messaging

Airtext Firmware: 1213211
LT/LT+ Firmware:  07202110

Connectivity may seem like a frivolous expense until it isn’t. With Airtext, it is possible to be in touch when you need to be and keep in control of issues that may arise while flying – just as these ‘raving fans’ do!

“A corporate pilot was flying internationally and ATC could not locate his overfly permit. Since ATC did not have a record of the permit, they were going to reroute the aircraft around the airspace. He was flying at night, in international airspace, and the reroute would have had him landing behind schedule with minimum fuel.

He turned to the Airtext onboard to get in touch with his company and air handler. He communicated the situation and the company immediately started the process and was able to receive the permit before the aircraft reached the foreign airspace cutoff. The company then messaged the crew and informed them that they received the overfly permit while still over international waters, avoiding a costly reroute. The airplane was cleared to proceed as filed through the foreign airspace and landed on time with reserve fuel.

The crew’s situational awareness, coupled with the fast, reliable communication provided by Airtext, ultimately improved the day, and they were able to avoid any potential disruptions to their flight plan or potential safety issues.”

“Airtext+ is an extraordinary tool that I use during every flight.

Past weekend I was flying from MMMD to MPMG and a Nicaraguan overflight permit was not requested by the FBO, I was 20 minutes close to the Nicaraguan border and I was able to call via Airtext+ to the FBO in order to remind them. The situation was solved right before entering to the Nicaraguan airspace.

We are very happy with the service.

Thanks Airtext!” — Michael Jackson, HondaJet Captain

“While on a business trip and flying above 30,000 feet, a passenger went into a diabetic shock.  The passenger was unresponsive, but the crew had Airtext aboard and was able to quickly reach the passengers wife. She told them where her husband kept his medication in his backpack, and the crew gave him the necessary pills to resolve his dilemma.

The crew was then able to tell his wife that he was much better and responding well. The crew wasn’t sure that it was a life-threatening situation, but it very well could have been. Thanks to Airtext, they didn’t have to find out!”

“While enroute on a trip to southwestern Mexico to the passengers’ second home, their beloved 12 year old dog became deathly ill. Using Airtext, the crew was able to send a message to the home office, reroute the flight, schedule medical attention for the dog, and find a suitable airport to stop before leaving US airspace.

Fortunately, the dog had a quick response to the medication, and the crew and family were back in the air and off to their vacation that afternoon.”

“Hey, I want to share that Airtext is working amazing. I can’t believe how great it is working. The other day we had a maintenance issue and it was a savior. I was getting someone ready when we hit the ground.”