Fleet tracking, pilot messaging

Airtext Firmware: 03222317
LT/LT+ Firmware:  07202110

What is FBOlink?

FBOlink is an enhancement to the FBO experience. It provides digital communication to the FBO CSR from the Aircrew, anywhere in the world at any altitude. Pilots can message the FBO outside of radio range which improves safety of flight because the pilot can coordinate with the FBO prior to approach when the focus should be on landing. This also reduces loud radio chatter in the FBO lobby.

In addition to Crew to FBO messaging, the FBOlink app provides Pilots free pre-departure clearances (PDCs) and Digital ATIS (D-ATIS).

How many Pilots are using FBOlink?

Over 7100 people are using the Airtext app which allows messaging to the FBO via Iridium using Airtext products. This number includes many owner operators, charter companies and fractionals.

Over 3500 Pilots have created FBOlink accounts and have FBOlink installed on their iOS or Android devices.  The FBOlink app allows messaging to the FBO via Wi-Fi connections (including GoGo, Inmarsat, etc.).

Many large flight departments use FBOlink for various purposes such as Mountain Aviation, Plane Sense, Jet It, ATI Jet, and more. 

How Does FBOlink Work?

By default, when a message is sent from the aircrew to the FBO, the message is sent to the FBO CSR email on file.  The FBO CSR can click a link in the email that will bring them to a web page where they can respond to the aircrew in a chat window. This chat window only allows for one response from the FBO per email received from an aircraft.

If an FBO is signed up for FBOlink Desktop, they will receive messages in the FBOlink Desktop Windows Application.   FBOlink desktop provides visual indicators and a continuous chat window. If an FBO is signed up for FBOlink Desktop and is not signed in to the FBOlink Desktop Application, they will receive FBOlink messages via email like default users. 

All FBOlink messages received by the FBO CSR will receive automated information about the aircraft that is coming in such as the tail number and model of the aircraft. 

Benefits of FBOlink Desktop

  • LED Message Indicator light that plugs into CSR Desktop via USB
    • By Default LED is Solid Green
    • When a message from a pilot is received, the LED blinks Blue
    • When a message is over 1 minute old without being read by the CSR, the LED alternates between Blue and Yellow
    • Once Message is read the LED turns returns to Solid Green
  • Read Receipts between ground and air
  • Standalone chat window that allows for continuous sending and receiving of messages between the FBO and aircraft. 
  • Reduces Email Clutter and helps with responsiveness because messages are received in a separate chat application rather than with regular emails 

Real-time FBOlink Demo between FBO and Aircrew

FBOlink Introduction

How much does FBOlink Desktop Cost?

The FBOlink Desktop Kit costs $150 and includes the following:

FBOlink Desktop Windows Application, (2) USB FBOlink Lights, (2) USB Extension Cables, (50) FBOlink Info Cards with QR Code, (1) CSR Desk Sign with Business Card Holder.

FBOlink does not cost anything for pilots (aside from the standard Airtext messaging costs).