Fleet tracking, pilot messaging

Airtext Firmware: 1213211
LT/LT+ Firmware:  07202110


At Airtext we have “Raving Fans”.  See some of their comments, stories, and videos below .

“As the Chief Pilot and manager of our Citation S550,  I’ve been searching a long time for an economical way to provide a communication link while flying for my passengers. The Airtext + has exceeded all of my expectations. There is nothing else on the market that comes even close to the Airtext + performance and price. The ease of installation was a major factor in purchasing the Airtext+.
In the cockpit, I connect using my IPhone 10 Bluetooth and Bose Pro Flight headset via the Airtext App. Phone call audio using the Iridium network is crystal clear and far superior to previous Iridium calls I’ve made in the past. I especially like the ease of accessing my cellphone contacts. 
Recently, while flying at FL400, I had an inflight mechanical issue that would’ve cancelled the flight on the following day. I called maintenance, they diagnosed the problem and ordered the part  before I landed. The plane was repaired, making an on-time departure the next day.
In the cabin, my passengers are connected using a variety of different cell phones. ALL of my passengers love that they can text effortlessly using the Airtext App. My passengers frequently tell me the Iridium phone call audio is crystal clear using the Bose A20 in the cabin. The passengers also like the Moving Map showing flight information.”
– Doug Robinson – Citation S550 Chief Pilot/Manager

“An incredibly useful solution to an expensive problem at half the cost”

– Lance Toland

“Easy to use, Great Business Tool”

– Bob Wilson

“Very easy to use.  Helps with our ground coordination and staying in touch on long flights.” 

– Bill E. from Dawsonville, GA

“Works well, I really like it”

– Tom Haas

“Airtext provides the fast and reliable ability to text on the ground or in the air”

– John Dunham

“Another valuable modification is Airtext,” Miller said. “It’s an affordable option for electronic messaging while onboard, and it
has bridged the communication gap that would exist for an hour and a half to three hours depending on his mission.”

– Chris Miller  Link: King Air Magazine

“We needed something that was a good option, worked well and was within our cost parameters, so we were happy to try out Airtext,” Joyce said. “We’ve been very satisfied. It’s made the King Air an even better tool in our toolbox.”

– Casey Joyce  Link: King Air Magazine

“In trying to figure out a good solution to stay connected, I recently reached out to Send Solutions (http://airtext.aero/) after reading a review of their AirText system. For our Mustang, i was interested to have a reliable SMS / Text system that allows me to send an update on my ETA (Tail number is blocked so FlightAware is not useful), and allow my wife to conduct her business while en-route.

In contacting AirText, they send me their portable unit, called AirText LT – its a small form factor (about the size of the new iPhone Xs) and has a TNC connector to hook into the Iridium antenna port in the cabinet under the water tray in the Mustang.

The unit powers up quick upon receiving board power (am using a USB > Empower plug) and connects using low-power bluetooth to any device that is within 10-15′ radius. Once you download the AirText app, anyone on board can use the unit to do two-way texting as long as there is satellite signal. In addition to texting, the app also allows for Digital ATIS, METAR, and for some FBO’s, it provides the ability to directly text with a preselected number of FBO’s.

The acquisition cost of the unit is about $5k and provides reliable texting at any altitude; One REALLY cool feature is that the box can interact with a ‘Moving Map’ system they have built in-house…. using your mobile AirText App, you set the destination, and the AirText LT automatically sends route (ETA, Destination, Weather, location etc) to the moving map…..

The annual subscription is $300 and comes with ton of pre-paid texts…. 

As for installing the LT, since it is portable, you do not need any installation; I have ‘mounted’ it using velcro on the inside of the cabinet, out of the way.

I have attached a video of the moving map function, and a screenshot of the AirText APP; I will make a picture tomorrow of my ‘install’ in the plane.

Video of the moving map: https://youtu.be/Elc80jG4eqk

– Robert Gribnau – Citation Mustang Owner/Operator