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Airtext Firmware: 03222317
LT/LT+ Firmware:  07202110

Airtext Fleetlink Program Is Ideal For ATI Jet in El Paso
Latest enhancement to Airtext airborne messaging system links charter and repair station fleet
aircraft to each other and to base

Las Vegas, NV—October 10, 2017— ATI Jets, a charter service and certified repair
station in El Paso, Texas has announced that it is installing Airtext’s FleetLink on its
charter fleet of Learjets. ATI will utilize Federal Aviation Administration Form 337s to
equip each of its aircraft with the Airtext devices, wiring and antennas. Airtext is the
on-board system that allows passengers to send and receive text messages
anywhere in the world, at any altitude, for 5 cents a message. It recently debuted
FleetLink to provide a savvy data link to enable pilots to better manage their flight
operations and reporting systems.

Airtext expands the capabilities of the flight crew, by allowing the crew to request
and receive international METARS and TAFS, send and receive messages airplane
to airplane, and communicate from a dispatcher’s personal computer to a pilot or
passenger. A dispatcher can illuminate a cockpit annunciator for pilot notification and
track and coordinate multiple aircraft and crews simultaneously.

“Airtext’s FleetLink is ideal for us,” said Lyle Byrum, Chief Executive Officer of ATI
Jets. “It’s extremely easy to install and use. We have a fleet of eight Learjets—two
Model 60s, a Model 35 and five 55s—and we were able to simply replace outdated
Iridium phones, do some basic tests and load analysis and get the installations
signed off by our DER with logbook entries and we’re good to go. It’s an
extraordinarily practical and economical way to communicate and monitor our

To facilitate ATI’s desire to “activate” the FleetLink every time the aircraft become
airborne, Airtext designed FleetLink with an integrated GPS function that is
integrated into the Flight Management System. It detects when the airplanes reach
flying velocity and generates an “airborne” message. It monitors the progress of the
flight until the speed is reduced to landing velocity, providing a full summary of each
trip. It allows ATI to immediately collect data on hours and cycles flown and identify
maintenance issues.

“At this NBAA convention, we have rolled out a number of continued data link
developments,” stated David Gray, founder and chief executive officer of Airtext.
“These are pilot-centric functions of the low cost data solution we previously
introduced. Airtext offers passengers a ‘pay-as you go’ formula which has proven to
be very useful and popular with flight departments.  Many who had previously been
turned off by expensive subscription/hourly based solutions offered by other text and
talk companies have been pleased to discover that Airtext is a tremendous value
with an impressive speed of delivery experience.”