Airtext Pilot Features

This is a new advertisement for Airtext. We are featuring the fact that our product provides instant messaging, a pilot data link, and Plane2Plane connections. It works for dispatch, has our special FBOlink software, gives international weather, and also D-ATIS. More Information Download advertisement in PDF format

Airtext and Wilson Air Center announce new FBOlink


Airtext and WilsonAir Center Announce New FBOlink Latest enhancement to Airtext airborne messaging program provides crew with direct, real time communications channel to Customer Service Representatives Las Vegas, NV: October 10, 2017—Airtext and WilsonAir Center are proud to announce FBOlink, a new customer capability of digital communications between the airplane and Fixed Base Operators (FBO) […]

Airtext introduces Graphics, Documents, and Digital ATIS capabilities


Airtext+ Adds “Big Data,” Digital ATIS and Graphics Latest enhancement to Airtext airborne messaging system offers high speed transmission of documents and graphics, ATIS information Las Vegas, NV—October 10, 2017—Airtext, the on-board system that allows passengers to send and receive text messages anywhere in the world, at any altitude, for 5 cents a message, has […]