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We are proud to be a feature article in the May 2018 AVBuyer Magazine. Check it out!

Cabin Connectivity for Smaller Aircraft: Do smaller business jet and turboprop owners suffer in terms of having their cabin connectivity requirements met? Are their needs the same as operators of larger jets? Airtext’s David Gray discusses the connectivity balancing act for the smaller aircraft owner…

Cabin Connectivity for Smaller Aircraft
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The article includes a few elements:


Whether you’re flying an Ultra-Long-Range and Large Cabin jet or a Single-Engine Turboprop…

Market Realities for Smaller Aircraft

For personal connectivity purposes, internet access can be fun – but there is an associated cost relating to bandwidth usage. So what is the bottom line for the operator of smaller business aircraft today? For smaller, less expensive airplanes it may be worth considering restricting the experience to necessary text messaging.

International Solutions

Talks about the benefits of using the Iridium satellite system.


Selecting the right connectivity solution for a smaller jet or turboprop aircraft is a finely balanced process.