Fleet tracking, pilot messaging

Airtext Firmware: 03222317
LT/LT+ Firmware:  07202110

Aviation International News, aka AIN Online, featured our FBO Link app in this great article by Matt Thurber. It talks about how we provide our customers with a simple method to access D-ATIS information inside of aircraft that aren’t equipped with a modern or right kind of FMS.

Article Introduction (source)

Pilots flying aircraft with the right equipment have been simplifying cockpit operations for years, using their FMSs to make digital automatic terminal information service (D-ATIS) requests well before nearing a destination airport. Now with the new FBO Link app, pilots with access to airborne connectivity can request D-ATIS without a modern FMS or having to pay the subscription price for that capability.

AINonline continues to say,

FBO Link was developed by Send Solutions, which manufactures an Iridium connectivity system called Airtext, and the app does more than relay D-ATIS information. The app’s primary function is to let any aircraft with satcom or air-to-ground connectivity make requests to FBOs without having to call on the radio when in range of the destination airport. FBO Link also provides Metars, TAFs, and ASOS (automated surface observing system) information for airports worldwide. Regular ATIS and AWOS aren’t available over datalinks; there are currently 73 U.S. airports offering D-ATIS.

Our company founder and CEO is then quoted:

“FBO Link doesn’t have to work with just our equipment,” said David Gray, Send Solutions founder and CEO. “Why not make it for [other types]?”